• Soon, my trading signals for android and ios, stable profit 15-30%, drawdown  5%. history of positions for 12 months.

Our services: trading signals, analytics, training to trade in the forex market, management of assets. 

You can copy our trading signals in MQL 5.  The history of positions and the subscription link are given below


Budrigantrade.com is a society of professional traders including traders from different countries dealing with the asset management. From 2017, the trading signal service on chat via Skype and the copying of positions from our account through the provider. The reason of this service is to teach traders to trade on the forex market, let them know points of entering the market where to put TP and SL, a trend direction, a change of the trend. Also, you will be offered online consultations and get a trading analytics based on the technical and fundamentalanalysis, which allows to understand the direction of the market and what drives the market.Budrigantrade isn't related to the brokerage digging.





   We provide services of the training to trade in the forex market. There will be a training through Skype, Individual training.  This training is based on a fundamental, technical and psychological analysis.

During training, we will teach you as follows:

  You will learn to understand the direction of the U. S. dollar trend. We will examine the actions of the U. S. federal system, the policy and economic uncertainty in the world, the economic reporting in the USA and how all of these factors impact on the U. S. dollar. It is these key events that set a trend in the forex market. The trend in the forex market isn't set by candlesticks in the graph or indicators.

   You will learn to understand the direction of the trend according to the following currency pairs: eur/usd, usd/jpy, usd/cad, xau/usd.

   You will learn to properly understand the reporting according to the economic calendar, which reports are important, and which ones are useless. 70% of publications according to the economic calendar are useless.

   Points of the market entry: SL, TP.

   You will learn to understand when the up trend is, when the down trend is, when just a correction is, and when the crowd is knocked out of the market and driven to put SL.

   During training, you will receive free trading signals that will allow you to cover the training costs.

   You will understand why it is impossible to trade based on the news.

   After training, you will be able to close 80% of profitable deals in the following currency pairs: eur/usd, usd/jpy, usd/cad, xau/usd.  As proof of our statements, you can watch our trading signals and see the whole history of positions. The result is obvious. You can do it too.

   The training period is one year, its cost is $10 000. The income on your deposit during training is 100 - 150% per year. (30% of our commission is from profit.)

   Write to Skype concerning all questions: FXtraderchat


Thanks to us, many traders have learned to understand, what drives the market. The market direction isn't assumed by indicators, candlesticks or graphics

Our traders are included in 5% of successful people, who earn on the forex market.

80% Profit trades



 Write to Skype concerning all questions: FXtraderchat


SKYPE: FXtraderchat