Our company, comprising of professional, highly qualified traders, provides asset management services in the Forex market, short-term and medium-term investments with the rate of return of about 100% per annum. Any interested person can invest an amount from $1000. All that is required is to sign up for our website, which will take no more than 1 minute. Our company is not a brokerage company and does not open trading accounts for independent trading by customers, all trading transactions are carried out by the employees of our company. Budrigan Trade company has direct access of trade transactions to the exchange, where the liquidity provider is the biggest international bank, which allows for quality and safe trading transactions in the market without the assistance of intermediaries. All customers of our company receive full statistics on trading transactions and rate of return online on their accounts.

    • You pay us a commission of 30% of the profit.
    • Investments from $1000
    • The rate of return of 80-100% per annum.
    • The deposit risk is not more than 5%.

Investors with an amount of $1,000,000 or more can use the trust management service.

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