Pershing Square Holdings

In 2004, with $54 million in funding from his personal funds and former business partner Leucadia National, Ackman started Pershing Square Capital Management.

Ackman has been known to hire people outside of traditional finance backgrounds; for instance, his professionals have included a former fly fishing guide, a former tennis pro, and "a man whom he met in a cab.

We are an asset management company in the foreign exchange and stock market, where everyone can get an income of 5-7% per month. You don't need to trade on the Forex market yourself or follow the quotes, our employees will do everything for you. You only watch how trading operations are performed and get a full report online. Our company assumes all risks associated with exchange trading. Start investing with $ 1000, and in a month you will receive income and see the result of the work. We operate in more than 150 countries. The time from registration to investment takes no more than 2 minutes. Join the team of successful investors.

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